What is the program?

The Infraction Deferral Program is an alternative to the normal process of court trial for an infraction such as speeding. It provides an opportunity to have an infraction charge dismissed if you keep a clean record for 6 months, thus avoiding possible consequences of a conviction including a conviction on your driving record, points on your license, increased insurance premiums, etc. This program is voluntary and implemented at the discretion of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Who can enter the program?

Most of those charged with committing an infraction can qualify for the program. However, you may not enter the program if your infraction was for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, you were traveling at 90 mph or more, the infraction occurred in a school zone or a construction zone, you are currently on the deferral program, the infraction involved an accident, you are charged with more than one infraction, or if you have a commercial driver’s license.

How do I enter the program?

All charged infractions are reviewed for a preliminary determination whether the program is available. In most cases, a letter is sent to the person charged prior to their court appearance date. If you do not receive a letter prior to your court date, you should go to your scheduled court date to discuss the program with a prosecutor to see if you still qualify. If you qualify, you must sign the deferral program form and pay a deferral program fee which is currently $182 (there is an additional $7 fee if paid by credit card). The 6 month period does not start until the papers and payment have been received and processed by the Gibson County Clerk’s office.

Additional questions?

The above is a general description of the program and who qualifies for it. We will be updating this web site with answers to frequently asked questions about the infraction deferral program. If you have questions about the infraction deferral program, please contact us at 812-385-5497 and ask for Kim.